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Chairman’s message

Valued clients and potential clients of Dascom:

First, let me express my gratitude for your selection and consideration for selection of our print solution products.  As our tagline states, we are seeking to “redefine the future of global business printing.”  But, what does this redefinition mean?  In order to answer this question, it is important for me to share with you the Dascom philosophy.

Personally, I have always believed that hard work and great ambition drive our respective journeys in life.  No matter our situation there is an innate ability within us to chart and determine the way we will change the world.  My life has been one of humble beginnings, but always a life filled with passion – This passion is a driving force to create dreams within me and impart those dreams around me.  As I look back I realize that every experience in my life to date has helped to pave the way for the future.

I once heard a saying that you should seek to do great things and not just seek personal greatness because personal greatness is not immortal, but the acts, deeds and achievements we create has the ability to live on far beyond our own lives.  This is in essence redefining the future.

At Dascom our employees are committed to taking small steps each day – as part of a larger plan that we have to make the world a better place in all we do.  We believe in quality.  We believe in designing and selling products to make lives more productive and better, and we believe that the integrity we share can and will create great things for future generations.

As you read about our products on this website I encourage you to look at our solutions and know that we are seeking to do great things as part of a long term plan.  We want to be socially responsible and provide our clients with products that will help them do great things.  This is a partnership and journey that we take each day at Dascom and we challenge you to be a part of our journey.

Help us start today as we begin the long and winding journey to redefine the future of global printing one step, one day, one life at a time.

We are Dascom – Redefining the Future of Global Business Printing.

Sincerely yours,
HoChi Cheung
Chairman Dascom Holdings


Whether you print bar codes, labels, bills of lading, invoices or other critical documents, we offer the advanced technology and custom solutions that keep your business running. Our products are used in most major industries including banking, logistics, retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, public safety, aviation, transportation and warehousing/distribution.


Today, the DASCOM group is a private world-wide conglomerate operating a diverse portfolio of business focuses including:

  • Research, Design and Manufacture of advanced printing solutions
  • System integrator, Distributor, Service Provider of Unix solutions
  • Service Provider of value-added services for various telecommunication carriers

DASCOM is currently the largest serial printer manufacturer in China and is second in regional market share.


DASCOM Building, Beijing

DASCOM Building, Shenzhen
DASCOM Factory, Jiangmen


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