Serial Dot Matrix Printers – Efficiency & Savings Don’t go out of Style

Some things never go out of style – especially rugged, durable printing at the most cost-efficient pricing. That’s why many organizations turn to dot matrix printers to meet their everyday needs in some of the harshest and most time critical environments.

With the ability to print multi-part forms, bills of lading, invoices and more at prices much less than many types of print technology, dot matrix printers maintain their position as workhorse printers designed to do the job you need at a price point that you’ll find among the most cost-effective anywhere.

With low cost of print per page, the ability to handle multiple types of forms, a wide range of workloads from batch printing to just a few forms a day and more, Dascom and Tally Dascom printers are the perfect choice for businesses who want feature-rich print efficiency for a variety of applications.

  • 13181318
  • 11251125
  • T2240/9T2240/9
  • 12251225
  • 11401140
  • 11451145
  • T2340/9T2340/9
  • 13251325
  • T2440/9T2440/9
  • 13301330
  • T2540/9T2540/9
  • 14301430
  • 26002600
  • T2240/24T2240/24
  • 26102610
  • T2340/24T2340/24
  • 2600+2600+
  • T2440/24T2440/24
  • 2610+2610+
  • T2540/24T2540/24
  • T2150T2150
  • T2250T2250
  • T2265+/MCT2265+/MC
  • T2280+T2280+
  • T2365MCT2365MC
  • T2380T2380
  • 4347-i4347-i