24-Pin Printers

When you need exceptional print clarity, rugged durability and low cost of print per page, reach for a member of our 24-pin printer line-up.

We have feature-rich models capable of printing up to 50,000 pages per month in the harshest of print environments, mid-range models designed to give you the best print performance at moderate pricing and even budget conscious models designed to fit your specific print needs without sacrificing on quality or efficiency.

With the ability to print multi-part forms, bills of lading, invoices and more at prices much less than many types of print technology our 24-pin serial printers are the ones to reach for when you are looking for the best in clarity, performance, low total cost of ownership and creature comforts in print technology.

  • 11251125
  • 11451145
  • 13301330
  • 26002600
  • 26102610
  • 2600+2600+
  • 2610+2610+
  • T2150T2150
  • T2250T2250
  • T2265+/MCT2265+/MC
  • T2280+T2280+
  • T2365MCT2365MC
  • T2380T2380
  • 4347-i4347-i