Specialty Printers-The Road Starts Here

An often overlooked segment of printing needs is where the forms meet the open road - specialty printing.

For example, the MIP480 printer from Dascom is the ultimate choice when rugged durability is needed for route delivery trucks and other vehicles. Multi-part forms printing lets you print bills of lading, delivery receipts, invoices and more all from a long-life serial impact printer.

Our selection of flatbed printers is perfect for vertical market segments where space and features must coexist. Perfect for environments such as retail, ticketing and many other front or back office applications, these mission critical printers put you on the path to success with exceptional printing.

With our specialty print line-up the road to optimal performance really does start here.

  • DP-330DP-330
  • DP-530DP-530
  • DP-530LDP-530L
  • DP-540DP-540
  • DP-541DP-541
  • DP-581DP-581
  • MIP480MIP480