Robust and Flexible-Dascom Thermal Printers

Specialty and Project Printing devices that are designed for your unique needs represent the Dascom contribution to Thermal Printing From healthcare applications to rugged industrial models, our Thermal products are designed to give you the ultimate in fit, form and function to meet your specific application.

Whether it is hospital admission/patient ID bands, prescription labels, shipping stickers or production labels, Dascom Thermals are up to the task.

Just because your business is complex doesn't mean your printer has to be and this is evident in our easy to load paper design, optional cutter model and flexible features. Plus migrating technology is a snap since our models include many existing emulations so you simply change to a better printer without having to change your whole way of doing business.

  • DL-200DL-200
  • DL-210DL-210
  • DL-310DL-310
  • 72067206
  • 70107010
  • DL-820DL-820