Dascom is dedicated to redefining the future of global print technology. Its evident in the breadth of our product line and our long-term commitment to continuing feature innovations.

From our top of the line T2365 and T2380 right down to specialty printers such as the MIP480 mobile printer, Dascom is focused on helping our clients have the most durable, cost-effective print solutions.

Our products are built to rigid quality specifications and developed to fit a wide range of applications and specialty niches. We believe our products are the best and we are committed to changing the way companies view print technology. You'll see this commitment in the segments of print technology we offer.

We recognize there are many choices and many specific needs that clients have when looking for print solutions. Our goal is to have the right product, the right support and the right roadmap to meet our clients' print solution requirements.

We invite you to begin redefining your office efficiency, lowering your printing costs and experiencing the unmatched versatility when you choose our product.