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The Banking sector has been given many options to use the various dynamic printers to cope with the banking printing operations. Banking staff attending to visiting customers as well as later handling in house report printing have been well trained in providing timely requirement as demanded by customers.

Multi interface connectivity, optimum print speed to accommodate thickness of media as well as long life ribbon have contributed to flexibility in achieving KPI

( i ) 5040 Passbook Printer

·         This printer has been providing uninterrupted update to all customers with passbook balances, remittance records as well as slips and certificates

·         Robust printhead working on flatbed flow of documents

·         Friendly to almost all banking core system

( ii ) 2610+ Dot Matrix Printer

·         136 column wide , enabling full report to be accommodated

·         Dual tractor ensures smooth flow of printing media

·         Continual 24-hours update printout of credit usage from customers

( iii ) DT -230 Receipt Printer

·         Teller or front staff chooses to print on demand

·         Compact and summarized information printed for customer temporary storage

·         Good footprint 

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