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With its Nation wide presence covering provinces, states, districts and agencies engaged, Government requires very complete and stringent operations that run without failed support

Quick access to a printing device with security features, clear output , speed and print with high efficiency are some of the demand that Dascom printers are ready to cater to the environment

( i ) 1330 Flat Bed Dot Matrix Printer

·         It allows flexibility in generating bills or receipts either with a continuous flow or to adopt a single media print

·         Timely issuance of Utility billings and thus ensuring an equal timely collection of payment of bills

·         Low maintenance with strong 24-pin print head

( ii ) DP 541 Mobile printer

·         4 inch mobile printer to be carried by authority to generate on time billings or receipts

·         Any wrongful act with penalty tickets shall be acted immediately

·         Stable connectivity works with third party devices, generating on line information to complete any single task

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