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Transport & Logistics

High demand in continual printing to meet with timely shipment and delivery. Standard authorized documents in the Logistic sector for compliance with Customs, Shipping and Border Authorities usually come with multi-ply for distribution to various departments for proper approval.

Dascom high end printers has been proven to cater for this usage with optimized printing speed. Examples are Bills of Lading, Good Receiving Notes, Delivery Orders and Picking List.

Shipping and Container agencies own multiple units of Dascom printers and co-operating with periodic maintenance arrangement, have contributed in the smooth running of its printing operations


 ( i ) 2265+ / 2280+ Dot Matrix Printers

·         Designed for heavy duty cycle printing, continuous flow as well as cut sheet

·         Built in Ethernet and with other connectivity options

·         Long ribbon life to avoid interruption in printing


·         Rugged print head with strong accessories 

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